Why should you have RTS as your partner?

With over 20 years of valuable experience alongside Energy Service Companies (ESCOs), Retro-Tech Systems and its sister companies—RTS Water Solutions and RTS Building Envelope—understand the unique set of challenges an ESCO partner faces from job to job. Extensive exposure to such challenges has provided Retro-Tech with the insight and talent necessary for a partnership that provides tangible value with winning solutions.

Some of the challenges that you may have experienced in a performance contract are:

Challenge: Poor quality and completeness of documentation

  • RTS completed more than 275 turnkey projects from 2011 through 2015, each with the most comprehensive list of documentation – from submittals to sign-off and everything in between
  • RTS has been within 2% of our documented projections on dollar savings, kW, and kWH.
    – 101.34% of proposed savings dollars
    – 99.84% of proposed kW savings
    – 101.86% of proposed kWH savings
  • Based on our accurate proposals and documentation, no ESCO has filed a claim against RTS for energy or construction shortfalls in 20+ years.
  • Since 2009, every RTS turnkey project has had a project information manager, to ensure accuracy of all project information

Challenge: Lack of technical expertise from contractors

  • Our sales and engineering staff averages more than 17 years of lighting experience.
    – 7 LCs, 12 CLEPs, 4 CMVPs, 40 70E – certified field technicians
  • In 2010, RTS invested over $100,000 in furthering our licensed professionals’ education and training

Challenge: Missing important deadlines and schedules

  • 99.1% of our projects have been completed on time since our inception in 1993.
  • We implemented electronic auditing 3 years ago and reduced the time to deliver a proposal by 7 business days.
  • RTS has never paid liquidated damages.

Challenge: Unprofessional behavior that leaves a bad impression

  • 100% of RTS employees have passed drug tests and background checks.
  • More than half of the RTS installations received an unannounced safety inspection in the last 5 years, and no RTS crew has ever failed

Challenge: Size and capacity of contractor

  • During the past 5 years, our average project has been more than $460,000.
  • In the last 10 years, RTS has completed 800 projects, valued at $244+ million.

Challenge: Vague and incomplete communication

  • For more than 1,170 consecutive projects, all scheduling has been ESCO-approved prior to commencing installation.