RTS Sales Support

You can count on RTS sales support. Our expert professionals are at the ready to assist.

RTS sales support professionals are an integral part of the process, from project management to handling your correspondence.RTS sales support professionals support your business needs, from project management to handling your correspondence.

Contact RTS and Avoid Sales Support Complications

Here are select challenges our partners have experienced before working with us:

  • Slow to respond to client questions.
    This creates client frustration.
  • Lack of experience within the energy-efficient lighting industry.
    Many companies can retrofit light fixtures, but not all are committed to energy efficiency and the ESCO process.
  • Limited communication with project team.
    Members of the team need to be up-to-date with all elements of the project’s status.
  • Focused solely on just the project.
    This results in mismanaging the client’s expectation, undermining end-user satisfaction.

Whether in a first meeting or deep into negotiations, you need clear, accurate answers to clients’ questions—sometimes at the flip of a switch. Our sales representatives are among the most knowledgeable and experienced in the industry. Experts in lighting technology and installation, they consider long-term lighting effects to ensure end-user satisfaction. For each project, RTS provides facts, figures, and far-sighted thinking in design, installation, and financing.