Lighting Installation

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The Challenges and Missed Opportunities of Poor Lighting Installation

We know that you want quality installation of your project on schedule and on budget. Here are some challenges we have discovered that our partners have experienced, before working with RTS.

  • Not having background checks and drug screenings.
    Can you trust the individuals working in your facility, who are often without customer escorts?
  • Poorly trained installers working in an unsafe manner.
    This opens you up to possible safety and code violations.
  • Not adhering to project schedule.
    This complicates the ability to meet deadlines.
  • Disrupting customer operations.
    This creates disgruntled customers.
  • Inappropriate communication with customers.
    This creates confusion and conflict with the customer.

Our dedicated labor force and material-handling operations meet your deadlines with high-quality work and safety standards, specified materials, and minimal disruption to daily customer operations. We vet our lighting installation professionals, including background checks and drug screenings, and train them extensively. You can have complete confidence in every Retro-Tech professional representing you. When we work with local labor, our supervisors are always on the spot. And we know the “little” things that mean a lot—like cleaning up our work and work areas. Every day.

“I soon gained confidence in your team’s ability to interact directly with each of the program directors without me. That took a big load off me by directly addressing customer concerns and offering solutions, remedies, or explanations that satisfactorily resolved customer issues.”
ESCO Senior Project Manager