Documentation of Services

Are you getting timely reporting and accurate documentation of services at every step? You will from us—today, tomorrow, and the day after that.

Quality documentation of services is vital to successfully implement lighting projects. Documentation is required and necessary from the initial audit through completion of the installation.Quality documentation of service is vital to implementing successful lighting projects—from initial audit through final installation. This documentation contains key information used to grade those energy-efficient lighting projects.

Timely and complete documentation throughout this project often marks the difference between success and failure.

RTS Gets Documentation Right

Lighting Documentation Mistakes to Avoid

When considering options for an energy-efficient lighting solution, it is important to address the implications of poor documentation. Here are select challenges our partners have experienced before working with us:

  • The format is not user friendly.
    This can be frustrating and add significant time during a review.
  • What was proposed vs. what was implemented.
    This can make a difference in cost, time, energy efficiency delivered, and a customer’s return on investment.
  • Data does not match up.
    It is vital for these projects to convey significant improvement in energy costs and light quality. If pre-project data does not match post-product data, a step in the process has most likely changed. Has that information been documented? Why has it changed? What are its implications? How does it affect my return on investment?
  • Is the hazardous waste removal information missing?
    How are they disposing of hazardous waste? Am I liable if it’s not disposed of properly?
  • Can I be sure that certified payroll was handled appropriately? Can I be liable to the state or federal government? From start-up to sign-off, customers deserve efficient electronic documentation supporting sales, engineering, and construction efforts.

From start-up to sign-off, RTS’s fast, efficient electronic documentation of services supports your sales, engineering, and construction efforts clearly and completely. Our proprietary reporting and documentation management system, created from years of testing and experience, clarifies status and confirms progress of your project from concept to completion in ways no other process can. You and your customers receive world-class project documentation in a timely, usable format.