RTS Water

Since 2003 our sister company, RTS Water Solutions has worked with clients nationwide providing the engineering, design and installation of water conservation projects. Our demonstrated efficiency strategy provides water, energy and environmental cost savings through implementation of both domestic water and customized process water solutions. We have employed a variety of creative water reduction technologies in client facilities including: solar domestic hot water heating, rainwater harvesting and intelligent irrigation controls.

In addition to water conservation projects, we also provide automatic meter reading (AMR) solutions for our energy service companies (ESCOs) and municipal customers. These services include meter testing, installation, data collection/validation, and meter reading.

We have worked in many building types, including manufacturing, government, correctional facilities, institutions, schools and hospitals.

The solutions are performed by our RTS Water’s experienced staff of engineers, certified project managers, technicians, construction, and installation professionals. We are committed to meeting your time-lines with qualified personnel and all of the required documentation to complete your project successfully.