RTS Responsibility

We pride ourselves on doing – what’s right — for the right reasons

At RTS, we take seriously our shared responsibility to do business in ways that respect, protect and benefit not only our customers but our communities and the environment as well. This RTS responsibility is part of everything we do as a company and as individuals within RTS. Our corporate responsibility efforts are defined by and aligned with our core values.

Our performance matters
Corporate responsibility stretches far beyond words—it requires action. Retro-Tech commits itself to work toward actively benefiting society. RTS holds itself to ethical business practices.

Our people make the difference
Each person at RTS assumes a key role in assuring that we do business according to the highest standards of ethical and responsible conduct. We respect and value diversity in all its forms.

Our customers are the heart of everything
Our customers have a right to know that the company they rely on for efficient lighting solutions is committed to integrity and to responsible and sustainable business practices. Their trust in us is fundamental to our business.

Our core values are centered in the community, the environment, the marketplace and the workplace.