Maricopa County – Phoenix, AZ

Client Overview



Maricopa County is located in the south-central part of Arizona. The population is nearing 4 million residents, making it the most populous in the state and the fourth most populous in the United States. The county seat is Phoenix, which is the state capital and sixth most populous city in the country.

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Maricopa County Downtown Justice Center

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1. Client Challenge:

The mission of Maricopa County is to provide regional leadership and fiscally responsible, necessary public services so that residents can enjoy living in a healthy and safe community. From a comprehensive recycling program, energy efficiency program, green fleet policy to solar paneled rooftops, Maricopa County is seeking sustainability in its everyday activities.

RTS performed an audit on over 150 buildings encompassing a little over 9,000,000 square feet of space. The project presented some interesting challenges along the way. First were all the Jail facilities which presented access issues during the audit and construction of the project. Some other challenging facilities were all the Courthouse buildings and Forensic Science areas throughout the county. The described buildings all required an escort and a great deal of coordination by all parties involved for the audit and the installation.

2. Lighting Solution:

Retro-Tech performed the lighting upgrade in over 9,000,000 square feet and 135 buildings. The project included over 73,000 interior and exterior lighting fixtures of various types – incandescent, fluorescent and HID. The main goal of the project was to standardize on lamps and ballast throughout the county to make the maintenance of the fixtures simple along with a reduction of inventory. In addition to the lighting fixture upgrades, over 5,000 occupancy sensors were installed in areas to turn lights off when no one is present.

The Audit included all interior fixtures, exterior building mounted fixtures, exterior site lighting, prison mast lighting, exterior parking lot lighting and exterior street lighting.   Standardization, ongoing maintenance and safety were the main drivers for the energy efficiency upgrade options.

3. The Results:

The energy savings for a project of this size were significant. The kW was reduced 32% and the kWh was reduced by 38% while all facilities upgraded will total over $1,000,000 in annual lighting, maintenance and HVAC savings. The stated savings will result in Green environment savings of the following. 

Acres of Trees Planted per Year – 3,443

Cars Removed per Year – 1,662

Acid Rain (CO2 lb/k WH) Removed – 28,492,360

Smog (NOX g/k WH) Removed – 47,487,267

Acid Rain (SO2 g/k WH) Removed – 118,718,167