Davie County Schools

Client Overview

Located in Mocksville, North Carolina the school system encompasses: 1 high school, 3 middle schools and 7 elementary schools.

Davie County High School is the sole high school in the system with a population of approximately 1,800 kids. Built in 1956, they are know as the War Eagles. The 2010 football team made history by being the first football team in Davie’s history to make it to the North Carolina State 4-A Football Championship.

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1. Client Challenge:

Davie County Schools, being a small school system with a growing population, an overallenergy savings plan was required. The school system, with over 630,000 sq. ft. of buildings had outdated fixtures.

RTS performed an audit of over 10 educational buildings throughout the school system. RTS evaluated vast numbers of variables such as how the space will be used, amount of day-light, load potential, dimming, lamp color, initial cost, and cost to maintain moving forward.

2. Lighting Solution:

Retro-Tech performed a lighting upgrade in ten educational buildings throughout the County. Over 7,600 fixtures were retrofit with energy efficient T8 lamps and ballasts and over 400 compact flourescent lamps were installed where applicable. RTS installed nearly 650 new energy efficient fixtures throughout the District. Gymnasiums were converted from Metal Halide or High Pressure Sodium Fixtures to new fluorescent fixtures utilizing energy efficient 28 watt T8 lamps and electronic ballasts. Incandescent and compact fluorescent exit signs were replaced with new long life LED exit signs containing a battery backup. Fixtures that had old decayed wiring were rewired to meet |code. New lay-in lenses and wrap lenses were installed to replace many of the existing broken, missing or discolored lenses.

3. The Results:

The project was a success. The lighting kW and kWh were reduced 46% and 47% respectively. The light levels, appearance, and learning environment of the buildings were also improved. By standardizing lamp and ballast types, the School District will see additional maintenance savings on top of the $77,000+ in utility savings.