Lighting for Schools

Elementary schools, high schools, universities and college campuses benefit from RTS.

RTS lighting for schools creates more effective learning environments, from grade schools to graduate schools. If there is a library, classroom, or gymnasium that needs lighting enhancements, RTS has probably been in it. From grade schools to graduate schools, RTS lighting creates a more effective learning environment. If a library, classroom, or gymnasium has needed lighting enhancements, RTS has likely been involved. Extensive experience with educational lighting allows our engineers to design innovative solutions that strengthen schools’ energy efficiency and provide better lighting.

Contemporary campus lighting allows schools to attract new students while simultaneously reducing utility, operation, and maintenance costs. Most schools must handle a patchwork of old and new equipment, as well as different levels of operational efficiency. These schools must sustain themselves without an energy management system. As stricter energy-consumption rules for schools take effect, RTS can help schools budget their funds for lighting upgrades more productively.

We help schools operate more efficiently, offering well-lit buildings for students and teachers. These institutions save money, energy, and time well-spent working.