Federal Program Lighting

  1. Do you experience challenges finding Procurement Models that satisfy Federal Contracting Officers?

  2. Have you been frustrated by the proposal formats and the level of detail provided by your lighting partners at various stages of project development?

  3. Has your lighting contractor failed to provide and execute a detailed Measurement and Verification plan that meets FEMP guidelines?

  4. Safety and security have become one of the most important components to a successful project. Have you been challenged to find a lighting contractor with a clean safety record and employees that meet all security clearance levels?

  5. FAR Compliance can be confusing at best. Does your lighting contractor have a clear understanding of its nuances, both for materials and for contracting?

  6. Documentation, while vital for any project, carries special significance for Federal UESCs and ESPCs. Sloppy and untimely documentation can delay projects and cost money. Does this sound familiar?

For more information about Retro-Tech’s Federal Program, please call 844 RTS TEAM or your local RTS Regional Sales Manager.

For information about past successful Federal projects completed by RTS, please refer to the “Locations” section of our website.