About Us

Built by lighting people and for lighting people, RTS employees have a keen knowledge of the industry. In fact, 90% of its staff have a background in lighting. While their expertise is vital to the company’s success, these employees’ unique mixture of experience and passion make all the difference. RTS has created a diverse team — combining planners, designers, experimenters, storytellers, researchers, and builders — that aims to meet the particular needs of each project and client.

Retro-Tech Systems embodies trust and value. Trust — based on a customer’s perception through company interaction — is fundamental to building relationships. These relationships, in turn, strengthen the value of each project.

When RTS began, it chose not to rely on old working models handed down from the corporate world. Rather, it created new formulas, approaches, and processes. As the company has grown, it has maintained relationships on every front, from first contact to final delivery. The company’s teams make the most effective, punctual use of engineering and project design. They stay within budget and improve the consumer’s holistic experience, as well.

Retro-Tech prides itself on culture. It selects team members who embody certain traits and virtues that are characteristic to a healthy working environment. The company embraces G.R.A.C.E—an acronym that describes its employees’ values. RTS wants its team members to be grounded, to have resolve, to accept accountability, to make clever decisions, and to be enjoyable.