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US Department of Energy James Forrestal Building

Retro-Tech was selected by an ESCO qualified for the DOE’s Enable program to audit and design an LED lighting upgrade throughout the facility. The challenges included managing compatibility between existing fluorescent electronic ballasts and the DOE selected type A T8 LED lamps, addressing challenges related to dimming applications, and maintaining the integrity of the emergency lighting systems all while minimizing the impact and inconvenience to building occupants

Retrofitting with LEDs can save significant money

At Retro-Tech Systems, we’re always hearing great examples of how our clients are saving money with their energy efficient LED lighting retrofits. But many of our readers don’t realize that these aren’t just the best of the best or outliers of extreme savings, they’re the kind of savings our clients can expect to see every Read more…

Federal Utility Working Group Seminar

Retro-Tech Systems leadership team to attend the Federal Utility Working Group Seminar in Savannah GA on April 12-13, 2017. https://www4.eere.energy.gov/femp/training/training/2017-spring-federal-utility-partnership-working-group-fupwg-seminar

US Taxpayers Shelled Out WHAT!?! For Fancy Government Energy Upgrades

Just before leaving office last week, President Obama sent out praise for a wide range of federal agencies that had entered into energy contracts since 2011. The contracts covered everything from more efficient HVAC equipment to renewable energy and “smart” operational systems and LED lighting retrofits. The estimated savings of these upgrades over the next Read more…

New Lighting Technologies Poised for Growth

Our world is quickly becoming more and more focused on energy efficiency and green living. One area that has seen rapid advancements over the past several years is LED lighting. Once the purview of engineers and home hobbyists, light-emitting diode technology has rapidly grown as interest in lowering our impact on our environment has grown. Read more…